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We buy houses that banks won't allow a mortgage on it in its present condition.  It's been flooded, in a fire, or abandoned; it needs foundation work, the electrical system, new plumbing, major repairs, structural repair, etc... We buy houses that won't be bought by someone looking for a "new" house.  

We buy houses that just need to be sold quick.  Many times in life "Cash is King".   It could be a divorce or a marriage,  health problems or death, financial issues, retirement or downsizing, a hurricane or tropical storm, or any other "Life Event".    We've experienced many of these "Life Events" and we understand that sometimes you just don't want to carry all that stress any more. That's our objective: To give you Fast Cash for Your House, so that you can have a better life.  You need cash to make some of those life-changing decisions.  And, the opportunity may vanish if you don't act quickly.   We want to carry you forward.

We Want to Offer You Options

We Buy Houses As-Is for Cash


Providing you with an option of  stress-free selling of your house is our goal.  You aren't required to make your house "market ready".  We will buy the house as-is. 

Our motto is
"Let Us Take Care of Your Property,
So You Can Take Care of You!"

The first step should be as easy as the last.  
The last step is cashing your check!

The first step:
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Sell Your House: Cost-Free, Stress-Free, Hassle-Free

Cost-Free    Stress-Free    Hassle-Free
 •  No Closing Costs    • No Repairs Required    •  No Daily Cleaning
 •  No Realtor Commissions    • Not a lot of paperwork    •  No Scheduling Appointments
 •  No Mortgage Payments     • No Worrying About 
    will buyer back out
   •  No Strangers in Your House
 •  No Tax Payments    • No More Debt    •  No Negotiating
 •  No Lawyer Fees    • We Help You Move    •  No Maintenance

Our Motto is
"Let us Take Care of Your Property, So You Can Take Care of You"

We know that moving is stressful.  You are ready to move forward.  We will give you fast cash for your house.  After all, that's why you are here.   The sellers we have worked with were amazed at how fast and easy we were able to take care of their property needs.  

We understand how much time it can take to sell a house and that quick action is sometimes required because your plate is full with the daily life.  


Property Porters, LLC BBB Business Review;

We Buy Houses As Is For Cash

So You Need Fast Cash - Let's Get Going!

Now It's Time to Let Us Know How to Help


You Can Sell Your House!

Time can be your friend or your enemy.  Deciding to sell your house can be the best option.  You can sell your house as-is which will save you months of repairs.   You can sell your house for cash.    When finances are the primary concern, your problems can seem bigger.   Let Us Help.

Let Us Take Care of Your Property
So You Can Take Care of You!

If you have more house than money
and you want to change that,
 we can help you solve that problem. 

Don't Pass Up This Opportunity To Sell Your House

Filling Out the Form is the next step in Moving Forward.
We are Property Porters.  We carry the burden of property ownership and give you cash for a better future

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Property Porters, LLC BBB Business Review;