You Need Fast Cash for Your House

Now, you have help moving forward with selling your house.  Let us help you sell your house for cash.  

You don't have to solve the problem by yourself any longer.  Fill out the form below.  Just let us know how we can contact you. Or, if you don't want any delays in getting answers to your questions, give us a call.   

So You Need Fast Cash - Let's Get Going!

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We Will Buy Your House for Cash

Selling your house is easy.  Making a decision is hard.  We are not realtors. You want to sell your house fast.  We will buy your house as-is for cash. Buying your house for cash eliminates many delays.  We can close on your house in as little as 5 days.  Just imagine being able to move forward so fast. 

We Will Buy Your House

There are those times when cash makes more sense than owning a home.  

Property Porters, LLC BBB Business Review;


  • We will carry you through the house selling process. 
  • We will carry the burden of owning a house you no longer want or can afford.  
  • We will carry all the closing costs.  
  • We will carry your belongings to your new place.   

We Buy Your House
in any condition for cash
in as little as 5 days!

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We Want to Offer You Options

We Buy Houses As-Is for Cash


Providing you with an option of  stress-free selling of your house is our goal.  You aren't required to make your house "market ready".  We will buy the house as-is. 

Our motto is
"Let Us Take Care of Your Property,
So You Can Take Care of You!"

The first step should be as easy as the last.  
The last step is cashing your check!

The first step:
Fill out our form

Fast Cash for Your House

We can close on your property within 5 days from acceptance of our CASH OFFER
We want to work with you. We will make it easy for you. 
 BUT, You have to start the process.

For the quickest response,  give us a call at 281-910-9619. 

You pay no realtor fees. You pay no closing costs. You make no repairs.

You don't have to worry about: 

  1.  cleaning your house before every showing
  2.  the buyers not qualifying
  3.  the house passing inspection
  4.  the house appraising for contract amount
  5.  the buyers backing out
  6.  making another payment 
  7.  ruining your credit

You've made it this far.  You don't have to worry about "what am I going to do about my house?" Just Click Here


We buy houses that banks won't allow a mortgage on it in its present condition.  It's been flooded, in a fire, or abandoned; it needs foundation work, the electrical system, new plumbing, major repairs, structural repair, etc... We buy houses that won't be bought by someone looking for a "new" house.  

We buy houses that just need to be sold quick.  Many times in life "Cash is King".   It could be a divorce or a marriage,  health problems or death, financial issues, retirement or downsizing, a hurricane or tropical storm, or any other "Life Event".    We've experienced many of these "Life Events" and we understand that sometimes you just don't want to carry all that stress any more. That's our objective: To give you Fast Cash for Your House, so that you can have a better life.  You need cash to make some of those life-changing decisions.  And, the opportunity may vanish if you don't act quickly.   We want to carry you forward.

We Buy Houses Fast for Cash

We don't have anything against realtors.  We can recommend some good ones. We are not realtors.  The 30 steps we define are just an example of the process. The process may differ according to the realtor.

However, sometimes the need to sell your house becomes more urgent.  Property Porters can eliminate many of these steps.   The process goes something like this: 

  1. You call us or contact us with your property and contact information. 
  2. We schedule an appointment to come see the property. 
  3. We make you an offer based on the market value.
  4. You accept/negotiate the offer. 
  5. We may make another visit with one of our partners. 
  6.  We close in 5-10 days.
  7. You sign the title paperwork.
  8. You receive Cash for your House.

Time is money.  For example, we bought a property from someone 3 days before the property went to a foreclosure auction which saved them from having a bad credit report (foreclosure) for 10 years.   Did you know that some employers check your credit report? A foreclosure can mean more than just not being able to get credit cards or buy another house.  

Why Selling Your House without a Realtor Can be a Better Option

Selling your house through a realtor can create some additional stress.  The way it goes is something like this:

  1. Contact friends and family for a realtor recommendation
  2. Set an appointment with the realtors
  3. Let the realtors walk through the home.
  4. Choose a realtor
  5. The realtor looks at some homes in your neighborhood that sold
  6. Your negotiate with the realtor the "Listing Price"
  7. You sign a contract for x number of days. 
  8. You fill out a disclosure noting everything that is wrong with the house. 
  9. The realtor points out items that you may need to repair before you can sell. 
  10. It is recommended that you "declutter" and clean the inside and outside of your house. 
  11. The realtors "Lists" your house. 
  12. The appointment service schedules showings. 
  13. You must "pick-up" your house, put away your pets, and vacate the premises for an hour for the showing.  
  14. The realtor provides you with an offer or why you didn't get an offer. 
  15. You read the offer and accept or negotiate. 
  16. If you accept, there is an option period where the buyer can back out. 
  17. An inspection is scheduled.  
  18. The buyer can ask you to repair any deficiencies the inspector finds or back out. 
  19. An appraisal is scheduled. 
  20. If the property does not "appraise out", the buyers can back out or ask you to lower the price. 
  21. The buyer gets approval of funds from the lender to buy your house.  
  22. If the buyer can't qualify, the buyer will back out.  
  23. If the buyer backs out for any reason, the process above repeats. 
  24. If the buyer is good and the option period expires, you will go to closing. 
  25. The buyer does a final walkthrough the day of closing. 
  26. If the buyer loses his job, gets transferred, or for whatever reason, he/she can back out of the contract but he/she will lose their earnest money. 
  27. You go to closing 30-45 days after signing the contract.  
  28. You pay anywhere from 8% to 10% of sales price in closing costs. 
  29. You sign over the title. 
  30. You receive your money.

Sell Your House: Cost-Free, Stress-Free, Hassle-Free

Cost-Free    Stress-Free    Hassle-Free
 •  No Closing Costs    • No Repairs Required    •  No Daily Cleaning
 •  No Realtor Commissions    • Not a lot of paperwork    •  No Scheduling Appointments
 •  No Mortgage Payments     • No Worrying About 
    will buyer back out
   •  No Strangers in Your House
 •  No Tax Payments    • No More Debt    •  No Negotiating
 •  No Lawyer Fees    • We Help You Move    •  No Maintenance

Our Motto is
"Let us Take Care of Your Property, So You Can Take Care of You"

We know that moving is stressful.  You are ready to move forward.  We will give you fast cash for your house.  After all, that's why you are here.   The sellers we have worked with were amazed at how fast and easy we were able to take care of their property needs.  

We understand how much time it can take to sell a house and that quick action is sometimes required because your plate is full with the daily life.  


If you have more house than money
and you want to change that,
 we can help you solve that problem. 

We Buy Houston Houses

We are native Houstonians.  We like the Houston Metropolitan Area.  We buy houses fast for cash in Houston, Galveston, Kingwood, Katy, Sugar Land, Lake Jackson, Magnolia, La Porte, Liberty, Cypress, Richmond, League City and all areas in between.   We could list all of those areas like Pearland, Spring, Stafford and Baytown but it wouldn't be conclusive.  We consider helping anyone within 100 miles of Houston. Just give us your name and zip code.  We will email you to offer you an opportunity to sell your house for cash.   

You Can Sell Your House!

Time can be your friend or your enemy.  Deciding to sell your house can be the best option.  You can sell your house as-is which will save you months of repairs.   You can sell your house for cash.    When finances are the primary concern, your problems can seem bigger.   Let Us Help.

Let Us Take Care of Your Property
So You Can Take Care of You!

Get a Cash Offer For Your House Today

You probably feel like you are out of options.  You're not alone.  We are here.  We can make same-day offers.  

There are many stressful situations like divorce, job loss, foreclosure, or the roof is caving in.  Cash can ease the stress in many circumstances.  

Fast Cash For Your House
can eliminate your stress today!  

If you contact us, we guarantee you at least one option.  BUT, we will provide you with enough information so you don't feel additional stress.  AND, you feel better about moving forward with the decision to sell your house for cash.  SO, don't sell your house without talking to us first.  

Don't Pass Up This Opportunity To Sell Your House

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We are Property Porters.  We carry the burden of property ownership and give you cash for a better future

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